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Motion Designer


Aya Healthcare:
2022 in Review

I was given 30+ stats and told to make them into a video to celebrate Aya Healthcare's 2022. I pitched an 8-bit, Mario-inspired video treating the stats as highscores and levelups. Luckily my creative director gave me the greenlight and so for the next two weeks I plugged away designing, animating, and sound-designing the video. This was definitely one of the bigger projects I've worked on from start to finish, and I absolutely loved working in that nostalgic 8-bit style. - Produced for Aya Healthcare

Here's an animated explainer I designed and animated for one of Aya's brands called Shifts. We were looking to create a clean, snappy video for the website that demonstrates the capabilities and purposes of Shifts. I also took the project into Logic Pro to polish it with some sound design.

At Outpost Media, I helped design and animate a large number of explainer videos for Amazon Web Services (AWS). In these projects, it was a fun puzzle figuring out ways to explain complicated softwares with playful animations that stayed on brand with AWS. -Produced by Outpost Media

Mister Supranational

I designed and animated the logo for the men's beauty pageant - Mister Supranational USA. This was easily the most interesting project I've worked on as my animation played on a massive screen in the background as the men ~worked it~ on stage. I built and animated the logo in Cinema 4D and composited the design in After Effects. I was told to make it look "flashy and American!"

As the motion designer for Aya Healthcare, I designed, animated, and edited the brand reveal video our revamped job board company, DocCafe. This video was entirely designed and animated in After Effects to showcase the colorful modern look and feel of the new DocCafe brand identity.

Paw Patrol

I designed and animated the graphics for this pup-tastic piece for the newest Paw Patrol movie. The goal was to create a tech-gadget look that was colorful and kid friendly. -Produced by Outpost Media

Work Work



Here's a bright-colored vibrant loop to Kali Uchis' "Telepatía." I had the idea of a top-view view canoe morphing into an eye for a few weeks before I started on this loop. I was pretty proud of the transition I was able to realize using only shape layers and the Joysticks and Sliders plug-in to create the feaux-3D look in the loop. My goal for the loop was to play with transitions to create multiple fluid scenes in a short time frame.

Beautiful Losers

This snappy loop was an exercise in shape layer animation both in After Effects and Cinema 4D. I was in love with this song "Beautiful Losers" by Kai Whiston and felt the punchy beat deserved an equally lively loop.


Asymmetry was an assignment for the Advanced Motion Methods class by School of Motion. This animation was fantastic learning experience in handling multiple abstract layers within After Effects and compiling them all together to create one fluid piece. I produced the music in the background for this assignment and animated each individual shape to showcase "a new abstract piece of art."

Scribble World

Scribble World is an animated loop I did in an attempt to digitally replicate a roughly handrawn loop. Not many seem to be aware of the Scribble effect in After Effects, but it's incredibly fun to play around with and you can create some really organic looking animations.

Robo Groove

Robo Groove is an animated loop I made to go with a song I produced the same day. Really, I just felt like having some fun and playing around with the Rubber Hose plug-in to see what cooky kinda character I could piece together.

Blend 3005

Blend 3005 was another assignment I did for the Advanced Motion Methods Course. In this animation, I was especially focused on creating dynamic transitions to match the powerful, abstract music in the background.

Personal Work
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