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I have a philosophy degree from Tufts University in Boston, so OF COURSE here I am animating my way around Los Angeles. My passion for motion design began when I interned for the documentary company Black Valley Films, where my manager Chris Scamurra had me create some social media content on Adobe Illustrator. I'd never used Adobe softwares before, but a few memes later I was madly in love. Since that fateful day, I've spent too many hours taking classes in MoGraph and binging tutorials to absorb as much motion design knowledge as I can. I primarily work in Adobe After Effects but I also like to venture into Cinema 4D for 3D work. 

Over the past three years, I've had the pleasure of working on amazing graphics teams at the studios Outpost Media and Workshop Creative where I worked on movie trailers and social content for companies such as Disney, Amazon, and Netflix. Currently, I'm the lead motion designer for the internal marketing team of Aya Healthcare - the leading online travel nursing platform. At Aya, I create motion graphics content for multiple healthcare brands including Aya, DocCafe, Vaya, and Qualivis.


I'm a motion designer based in Los Angeles, and I wanna make cool things with cool people.

Motion Design


Music Production


Title Design

Creative Writing

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